Raven Ridge Wildlife Center is in need of monetary donations to support medical, food, and formula costs for our patients. We are also in need
of monetary support for planned renovations to our facilities for
the safety of our volunteers and patients (including running water, environmental sealing, flooring, and expansions).

All-purpose cleaners


Astroturf doormats or rolls

Baby receiving/swaddle blankets

Brooms and dust pans


Bottle brushes

Butterfly nets

Canned dog food-no gravy

Canned cat food-no gravy

Cat toys

Color Paper

Dishwashing gloves

Dog bones Hollow (by Red Barn)

Dog toys

Dry-erase markers

Extension cords

Hay [alfalfa] and straw

Heating pads [with no auto shut-off]

Hose nozzles

Infant blankets

Liquid dish soap

Kitchen-size trash bags

Kritter Keepers- all sizes

Large food storage containers on wheels

Latex gloves [disposable-all sizes]

Laundry Detergent

Mops/mop heads

Nuts in a shell (Walnut, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Almonds)

Paper for copier [including colored paper]

Paper towels

Pet food bowls [ceramic, all sizes]

Plastic cable ties [zip cords]

Puppy training pads


Reptarium- any sizes

Rubbermaid plastic tubs

Safety glasses

Scissors and kitchen shears

Scrub brushes

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad

Staple guns

Tape [Scotch/masking/duct]

Tissues [no lotion]

Toilet paper

Tools [hand saws, hammers, nail guns]

Trash bags [13-gallon, 39-gallon, 55-gallon sizes]

Tuna/sardines [in water]

Welding Gloves ~ sm, med, lg


Wooden bird toys

Work gloves

Ziploc bags

ZooMed Reptile Basking Spot Lamps

When in doubt, gift certificates to Giant, Wal-mart, and PetSmart, That Fish/Pet Place, Office Max, Weis work well — and we can pick up what we need at that moment in time!

1828 Water Street  Washington Boro, PA  (717) 808-2652
Raven Ridge Wildlife is a registered non-profit 501c3 organization