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One of Our Latest Success Stories

We want to share one of our many stories about our daily endeavors
to help wildlife. This story involves the East Hempfield Township Police
Department, an entire residential development, and two very
determined homeowners.

The police knew to call Raven Ridge Wildlife Center for assistance
with a fox that appeared to have mange and an injured leg, sitting in
someone's yard. We responded ready to capture this poor animal, but
he "out foxed us" and ran away. We were able to work with the Valar family
to set a trap and were able to catch him the next day.

Upon arriving at our center, an evaluation was performed and treatments began. At this time we are continuing his treatments and he is responding beautifully!

This gorgeous fox was given a second chance at life after being so close to
death. He had many wounds, infected open sores, mange, and was starving.
Over a period of 6 weeks of treatment, medications, and constant supportive
care... He has made a full recovery. With the help of the PA Game Commission,
we were able to get this beautiful animal to a safe location of over 850 acres of
protected land for release. This is what your donations and support enable us

to do here at Raven Ridge. The medications, supplies, and the large amount
of meat that had to be purchased was quite a substantial bill. But it was

worth it for this animal and now he has a second chance.

Please continue to help us help our PA Wildlife.





About Rabies

Rabies is a deadly disease, always fatal to humans.
It is a virus carried in the saliva of infected animals and can be passed through any tiny skin opening.

Foxes, raccoons, bats, skunks, coyotes, and groundhogs are potential carriers of rabies and should not be touched
with bare hands under
any circumstances.

If you must handle these animals, use gloves
and a thick towel for
your protection.

The only test for rabies involves destroying the animal and testing
its brain tissue.

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